A Note about The HARI Flock

The HARI Flock- at all life stages, to include baby parrots, adolescents, breeding birds, and our geriatric adults, serve as the subjects of our ongoing Tropican Test Trial Feeding Program that is a vital segment for quality control and evaluation. This is Hagen’s commitment to quality that our customers have come to trust. For over two decades, many members of our HARIFlock members have been fed exclusively Tropican Formulated diets!



Under the direction of Mark Hagen, M.Ag. the HARI Team has contributed hands on training, experience and other company resources to parrot conservation projects that helps parrot species in their native habitat thrive with trained field personnel.

Additionally, the other “spokes” of the avian community,  veterinarian and veterinarian technicians  benefit from ongoing psittacine research and avicultural commitment from HARI through intern programs.

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