Occupational Therapy Devices…What?!

What?! Your companion bird needs his own device? Yep…and lot’s of them! No worries-there’s no data charges to contend with. But, all birds need something. We at HARI like to refer to what is commonly called “Bird Toys” as Occupational Therapy Devices and for a good reason!

Back in the stone ages, all one thought a bird needed was a

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Perfect Gift Giving …for the Parrot Owner

Need a gift for the your fellow parrot lover? All parrots need some kind of occupational therapy device and nutritious bird food! Foraging toys complimented with highly nutritious food appropriate for species are always a welcome gift for Parrot Owners! Current recommendations from behaviorists as well as avian health practitioners insist on the concept of foraging as a “must do” in maintaining good cognitive health for avian companions. At HARI, we like to

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