HARI Early Parrot Education DVD set is Now available!

HARI Mealy Amazon forages for Tropican High Performance Biscuits


A complete & innovative parrot educational guide

Over 7 years in the making!

The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) presents the Early Parrot Education (EPE) & Weaning Program… an educational process that coincides with the young parrot’s most opportunistic moment of physical and mental growth. The EPE &

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Occupational Therapy Devices…What?!

What?! Your companion bird needs his own device? Yep…and lot’s of them! No worries-there’s no data charges to contend with. But, all birds need something. We at HARI like to refer to what is commonly called “Bird Toys” as Occupational Therapy Devices and for a good reason!

Back in the stone ages, all one thought a bird needed was a

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